Hey there and welcome to my site! I don’t have it all figured out, and trial and error have been my middle names. What’s great about that is my crazy experiences in life, wrestling with entrepreneurship, and of course my writer journey, have made me the perfect source to help you escape the shit storms I’ve waded through.

This is a boiling pot of all the things that make up my life, with regular updates found on my blog.The site’s super easy to navigate so choose a tab and go, and if you stumble across any dirty laundry. . . shove it under the bed.

Latest Project

It is a month after the extraterrestrial pulse that shook the world and left a small island in turmoil. One man reaches to be a saviour as residents affected by primal rage seek to destroy survivors.

The November Incident is a new sci-fi digital first series to be released in late 2017. 

Burn City

Front row seats to my fitness journey.  Join me!

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